Top 5 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing

Top 5 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing- Daily Techno Review

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly used technology. Today, it can be used in various ways in our business. And more specifically, AI in the digital marketing sector. In this article, we will explain 5 applications of AI in digital marketing. Let’s get started!

Investing in new technologies can mean greater profitability, as it allows you to optimize processes and resources. The digital marketing industry knows this, which is why f is already being used to increase the effectiveness of sales strategies, create customer segments, and monitor advertising campaigns.

This technology and its applications allow us to have more control over our potential consumers. Knowing all the information about the tastes, customs, or purchase intentions of the target audience is already possible thanks to artificial intelligence. It allows us to create and segment highly personalized advertising campaigns with higher conversion.

But … What and how can we use AI in Digital Marketing strategy?

What is AI?

According to David Poole, professor of computer science at the University of British Columbia, “Artificial intelligence is the intelligence achieved by machines. In computer science, an ideal ‘intelligent’ machine is a flexible agent that perceives its environment and leads to taking actions that maximize your chances of success on any goal or task.

Top 5 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing- Daily Techno Review

Applied to marketing, it is the use of intelligent machines to optimize marketing-related tasks and processes.

Here is a list of the top 5 applications of AI in digital marketing.

1. Generate compelling content

AI in digital marketing is a very useful tool to attract visitors to your page by creating the right content. Thanks to this technology, you can know which topics are most in demand and which ones you like the most. A real example of this content generation can be seen in the world of cinema.

The famous entertainment company Netflix is already using this technology to create scripts for its series. By recognizing the patterns that most interest their users, scripts, and series are created that have a high probability of generating sympathy and good reception among Internet users.

Top 5 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing- Daily Techno Review

This can be extrapolated to a website where you want to capture traffic. Large newspapers like the Washington Post, already use it to cover local news.

Today, the human hand is still needed to properly use the data obtained from the machines to write adequate and consistent content. By combining the two, you can generate quality content on your website.

2. Product Recommendation

Artificial Intelligence not only creates recommendations based on a history of web visits but also studies the effect that each recommendation has on the user and the user’s reaction. In this way, the algorithms used to update the information in real-time can make predictions about product recommendations. At the web level, it will allow you to show the products most likely to cross-sell based on the user, not the product.

Top 5 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing- Daily Techno Review

This means that not only will recommendation engines based on product connections disappear, but thanks to artificial intelligence, recommendations will be made to anonymous customers based on customers with a similar profile. This is one of the top applications of AI in digital marketing.

3. Mailing Campaigns with Artificial Intelligence

If we’ve already said that AI in digital marketing allows you to create personalized content and use personalized recommendations, the union of the two allows you to create the perfect mailing campaign. The algorithms used to analyze a customer’s history and preferences for your services, make the personalized mail feel like you

Top 5 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing- Daily Techno Review

know, serving them on a platter what they need to buy when they need to buy. Through these algorithms, information about the online activity is collected to know when that email is most likely to be read and when purchase intent is highest. Everyone has a different schedule, and the best way to reach them with your email marketing campaign is to write to them when it is most convenient for them.

4. Advertising on Demand

Artificial intelligence allows us to predict with great accuracy the buying actions our potential customers will take in the future. Knowledge is a super powerful sales weapon.

If we know what our customers need before they need it, our campaigns will be successful. To find out, AI analyzes user data such as demographics, interests, history, and other information that allows you to learn and detect the best user segment for your product. Target audience detection is optimized with artificial intelligence.

Top 5 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing- Daily Techno Review

The main channels on which we advertise our products, such as Google or Facebook, feed the neural networks of their algorithm using the data they collect from their users. This data is the essence of your segmentation system, and as we all know, these two giants collect constantly from everyone’s data. They use AI AI in digital marketing to predict the intent and the interest of users, as well as the likelihood that they will click on an ad and also reach the conversion goal defined for the campaign.

These days, a well-organized advertising campaign with continuous monitoring means that the profitability of your ads is much higher.

5. Intelligent Chatbots

Having a virtual assistant is a very common tool in today’s web pages.

Using an automated chat allows you to know what questions users are most frequently asked about your products and services. Knowing these issues, you can solve them automatically with the assistant.

Top 5 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing- Daily Techno Review

Using AI in digital marketing, participants learn what questions are asked and how to answer them appropriately. Answers are personalized based on the question, departing from the automation typical of other chats that do not use this technology.

This allows your business to have a conversation as similar as possible to a real conversation with a human. The more interaction our bot has with users, the more learning it does and the more accurate the answers will be. This automation of customer support today cannot 100% replace a human, because there are some situations that a bot is not capable of solving, so it must be programmed properly so that in some questions it leads to a human assistant. These are amazing benefits of AI in digital marketing.


As you can see, AI in digital marketing is here to stay. Using it can optimize resources and improve efficiency and productivity. If you’re able to use it in your digital business, you’ll make a significant technological leap.

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