Top 5 Advanced Farm Machineries

Top 5 Advanced Farm Machineries- Daily Techno Review

Actuating technologies and innovative sensing along with improved information and communication technologies have provided the potential for fast agricultural inventions and the use of advanced farm machineries. Besides, the full exploitation of modern engineering advances will always require traditional agricultural methods and machinery management processes to be revisited.

In the next few decades, farming is expected to be revolutionized by the use of fatigue-free self-driving tractors or robots that perform the time-consuming tasks that are being done by humans.

Top 5 Advanced Farm Machineries- Daily Techno Review

The invention, innovation, and sales of advanced farm machineries have been rising rapidly amid stable prices for some key crops like corn and soybeans. However, the ever-present need of controlling farm input costs and increasing output has eventually driven farmers to adopt advanced farm machineries. It is predicted that farm technologies are going to be a market opportunity worth more than $200 billion for agricultural suppliers, with driverless tractors worth $45 billion market on their own. Goldman Sachs further predicts that tens of billions are going to be spent on advanced technology for most of the major farm uses such as precision planting, fertilizer application, spraying, and irrigation.

The rising costs of manpower working on a piece of farm against the falling costs for automated self-driving technology provide further boosts and catalysts for the agricultural technology revolution. The progress observed in self-steering technology for automobiles which includes both radar and lidar technology and object detection abilities using high-powered camera systems – could further help speed up the production and adoption, while reducing the costs of these advanced farm machineries at the same time. Using Geographic Positioning System, autonomous tractors could easily work unmanned around the clock. Farmers conveniently could monitor and control the tractor using devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

Automation in the agricultural industry is growing exponentially with almost all fields of farming requiring minimum physical human intervention. Some dairies are already using robotic milking machines. Using a technology known as a lettuce bot, farmers could thin lettuce automatically. All these were achieved due to scarce labor resulting in high costs. Moreover, advanced farm machineries does a better job than human labor. These agricultural robots are facilitating what autonomous steering trend that is limited to large farm machineries could not serve.

Some of these robots could work in groups or in swarm-like action. The key advantage of smaller and lighter machinery is that they reduce soil erosion while enhancing soil compactness. This highly increases yields per acre of a farm.

Your tractor might be calling you. Telematics has moved miles to be the next big thing in agriculture. The technology allows the equipment to talk to farmers, or other farm machineries, or even equipment dealers. If a machine has a problem in the field and it has to stop working, telematics can allow the dealers to have access and do a diagnosis of the farm machineries. Depending on the problem found, it might be fixed right away and save the dealer from making a trip. The same technology allows farmers to keep track of fuel consumption, operating hours, and many other factors.

Cows might be calling too. With sensors attached to their collars, they send real-time information to the farmer on the ranch, giving the rancher crucial information regarding the distress of the cow, the mood of the cow like mating, or any heads up regarding the condition of the cow. These are somehow telematics for cows and handy devices for livestock management. The information that is collected on the tag helps the farmers keep track of each cow, speeding up and making record keeping more efficient and precise. Data such as weight and moisture can be easily stored in the tag, which will be scanned later.

Mobile tech is still playing a big role in the controlling and monitoring of crop irrigation systems. With the right farm machinery, it is easy for a farmer to control his irrigation systems just from a phone, tablet, or computer, instead of visiting each field. Moisture sensors on the other hand are able to relay information about the moisture levels present in the ground at certain depths in the soil. This flexibility allows for more precise utilization and control of water and other inputs like fertilizer that are usually applied by irrigation pivots.

Top 5 Advanced Farm Machineries- Daily Techno Review

Due to the onboarding of monitors and GPS, the ability to document application rates, yields, and tillage practices has become easier and more precise each year. In fact, these days, farmers are getting to that point where they have good data at hand that can be used for analysis, research, and forecasting of yields due to past trends. It facilitates the planning of both best and worst-case scenarios.

Biotech and genetic engineering are very important tools giving much more potential to be unleashed. The forms of genetic engineering most farmers have probably come across are herbicide resistance. The other one is insect-resistant traits. Here, crops can be engineered genetically to express toxins that can control particular pests. Many usually apply Bt toxin, which is the same toxin, found in some organic pesticides. This implies that a farmer would not have to make rounds through his fields to apply pesticides. This not only saves on pesticides but labor, fuel, time, and wears on equipment too.

Ultrasound is not only used to check on baby animals in the womb, but also to discover what quality of the meat might be found in the livestock before it goes to market. DNA testing detects animals with desirable qualities and good pedigree. This information is vital to the farmer in improving the quality of his herd which eventually will help improve his bottom line revenues.

Here is the list of the best 5 advanced Farm Machineries.

Advanced Farm Machineries

1. Small-scale Potato Harvester

This machine digs potatoes from the soil by separating the soil from the roots. It functions on small scale but separates the soil quickly to reduce the problems in harvesting potatoes.  Even though the picture depicts a small-scale machine, the same technology is used in tractor-towed rigs to harvest potatoes at an even greater scale. Small-scale potato harvesters are advanced farm machineries for small-scale businesses.

Top 5 Advanced Farm Machineries- Daily Techno Review

2. Automatic In Row Weeder 

Weeding is an important agricultural practice. Weed growth has the potential to disrupt crop growth, resulting in nutritional deficiency. This farm machinery rips out weeds fast and effectively without causing harm to the original crops.

Top 5 Advanced Farm Machineries- Daily Techno Review

Allowing your fields to become overgrown allows weeds and exotic species to choke off your cash crop, leaving the farmer with pennies. Pesticides and weedicides are widely used, yet many people are concerned about the potentially dangerous compounds contained within.

3. Automatic Cow Milking Machine 

Cow in our Indian society is used for milk and many other products are made out of it. This way it is important but if there is an easy way to milk cows through machines; it can enhance the productivity in agriculture ultimately by increasing the milk production of the country. Automatic cow milking machines are advanced farm machineries.

Top 5 Advanced Farm Machineries- Daily Techno Review

Carrot Harvester and Separator 

This machine is no different from the potato harvester but provides ease in harvesting carrots from the ground along with roots that are dug deep inside. Advanced farm machineries are a boon in harvesting as they can emulsify the rate at which harvesting of carrots can be done. 

Top 5 Advanced Farm Machineries- Daily Techno Review

Robotic Lettuce Harvester 

HOOVER XL is a powerful machine to aspirate the residues of crops and leaves on the ground, designed for fourth-range producers. With 4 steering wheels, the aspirator is fitted with a side-shifting cutting bar thus reducing the problems in harvesting lettuce.  

These advanced farm machineries inevitably enhance production in some or another way thus reducing the manpower and automatically enhancing the economy of the countries. No matter how advanced they are but they can be the future of Indian agriculture in their own innovative ways. 

Top 5 Advanced Farm Machineries- Daily Techno Review

Despite the questions about the long-term impact of biotechnology, one thing is clear: It does help boost agricultural production, and it is changing the way farmers help feed and clothe the world. This is especially important as the number of farmers dwindles. In 2000, for example, less than 2 percent of the U.S. population worked as farmers compared to 53 percent in 1870.

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