5 Interesting Things You Can Do In The Metaverse Today

5 Interesting Things To do In The Metaverse Today Daily Techno Review

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 Interesting Things To do In The Metaverse Today. The latest buzz among tech brethren and enthusiasts alike is all about the metaverse. In our rundown of 2022 technology trends, we note that the biggest players in tech are even making huge investments in metaverse developments. To add to that, statistics show that the technological concept is set for growth. A survey of 624 technology professionals, thought leaders, and researchers found that 54% of respondents expect the metaverse’s development to be completed by 2040.

As this concept continues to develop, you might be wondering what interesting things can be done on the platform so far.

We’ve rounded up four Things To do In The Metaverse today that you may find yourself enjoying.

1. Playing poker

Decentraland is a blockchain-based platform where people can buy parcels of land and build in-game assets that other players can interact with. While virtual real estate is its main feature, 30% of its users actually come from major poker platform Decentral Games’ players. Its virtual casino allows players to visualize each other better, bringing the poker experience closer to real life than ever before. With modern VR features like hand tracking, opponents can even assess each other’s body language.

5 Interesting Things To do In The Metaverse Today Daily Techno Review

This is vital for winning at poker in real life. Being able to read another player’s hand and eye movements, subtle mood changes, and even how long they’re taking to make a move can give you a hint on what their cards are. With the metaverse, you can now hone that skill online–something that couldn’t be done before.

2. Meet and gather with people

Silicon Valley tech giants began metaverse-related developments with online virtual spaces meant for socializing and interacting through avatars. Meta (formerly Facebook), for instance, is developing a hyper-real social space for meeting and gathering with the beta Horizon Workrooms. There’s also the Microsoft Mesh platform geared towards VR and AR workspaces. You could utilize such metaverse spaces to build stronger connections at work and beyond.

5 Interesting Things To do In The Metaverse Today Daily Techno Review

3. Immerse yourself in the arts

In the metaverse, you can visit various galleries and engage with a diverse range of digital art forms. For example, famous musician Drake sold his “Tootsie Slide” music video through an art showroom designed after his own mansion. Meanwhile, long-standing fine arts corporation Sotheby’s sells blockchain-based artworks curated by the institution’s auction specialists. As the metaverse’s art world is easy to visit, you can use this opportunity to explore as many art styles and creative media as possible. Immersing yourself in the arts is one of best Things To do In The Metaverse Today.

4. Create a virtual self

In the metaverse, AI and algorithm technologies enable you to create a virtual self known as an ‘avatar’. This concept of ‘avatar’, however, is not limited to customized characters that represent users in virtual worlds like that in Fortnite and Roblox. There are also text-to-video tools–Synthesia and Colossyan Creator, to name a couple–that use such avatar technology to convert text input to video.

5 Interesting Things To do In The Metaverse Today Daily Techno Review

You can tweak physical details to look like you. You can even tinker with sound and diction so the avatar speaks like you. With these, video production times can be efficiently reduced. This is because you simply need to feed text into the software to start recording the avatar’s speech.

In the future, the metaverse as we know it today may shift into something unpredictably fascinating. And with the ingenious activities, tools, and services already available through the technology, we’ll undoubtedly see such a shift in the near future. These are some best Interesting Things To do In The Metaverse Today.

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