Top 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Laptop Anymore

Top 3 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Laptop Anymore - Daily Techno Review

Laptops have become the de facto PC of choice for practically everyone in recent years. Indeed, 166 million laptops were sold worldwide in 2019, compared to only 88 million desktops, and the gap is anticipated to expand until at least 2024. In this article, we’ll discuss the four reasons why you don’t need a laptop anymore.

Microsoft’s recent announcement that supports for its Windows 7 operating system would be phased down was fraught with anxiety. Users’ out-of-date and hacker-friendly Windows machines would no longer be safe for crucial day-to-day functions like personal banking and online shopping, according to the business.

Is it, however, necessary to get a new laptop, or is it time to switch to a different device entirely? Microsoft would have you think that Windows 10 is the final version of Windows and that instead of releasing new editions, they will continue to enhance your experience.

Here are four reasons why you don’t need a laptop anymore;

1. The Rise Of Tablets And The Need For Portability

Tablet computers are an important aspect of Jobs’ post-PC revolution. Tablets are often less expensive than laptops, are lighter, more portable, and built for usage while traveling (rather than needing to charge a laptop, locate a table to work at, etc. ), and they can accomplish the great majority of operations that a laptop user would need to complete while traveling. They also have a longer battery life, are often less expensive than PC software, and include capabilities such as touch input, motion sensors, GPS data, and built-in cameras. This is one of the important reasons why you don’t need a laptop anymore.

According to research, PC and laptop ownership, usage, and relevance have all decreased in the last three years, with cell phones essentially replacing them. According to a poll of internet users, only 15% believed their laptop was the most significant device for accessing the internet, down from 30% in 2015, while 66 percent said their smartphone was the most vital device, up from 32%.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Laptop Anymore - Daily Techno Review

As a result of young people’s affinity for and familiarity with the gadgets in their pockets, several observers have predicted the laptop’s gradual demise. However, according to a poll conducted by the UK regulator Ofcom in 2017, the number of older people using smartphones and tablets has increased to an all-time high.

2. Desktops Are More Efficient For Productivity

You may buy a plug-in keyboard for your tablet and use one of the many office productivity applications available in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store if you need to be productive while traveling. However, if you plan on doing a lot of work from home or at work, you’ll need a desktop computer. Desktops are more efficient for productivity that’s why you don’t need a laptop anymore. Desktops Have A Number Of Benefits Over Laptops, Including:

  • Value

Desktops are far more cost-effective than laptops, owing to the additional difficulty of shrinking, which drives up the price of laptop parts. For the same price, you can obtain greater power with a desktop.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Laptop Anymore - Daily Techno Review
More Efficient For Productivity
  • Ergonomics

Your neck, wrists, and back will be strained if you use a laptop. You wind up leaning over the screen since the keyboards are smaller. On a desktop, the display is at eye level, and you may type on any keyboard you like.

  • Dimensions of the Display

A laptop screen will never be as large as a desktop display. More screen real estate equals more windows on-screen and fewer program switching in terms of productivity. This is one of the important reasons why you don’t need a laptop anymore.

3. The Emergence of Network Storage Drives

It’s quite unusual to come across someone who only has one computing device, and much rarer yet to come across a household with only one device. With this in mind, storing all of your personal material on a single device is no longer a viable option. It complicates backups beyond what is necessary, splits your numerous collections, makes file management pain, and prevents you from accessing exactly what you want when you want it.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Laptop Anymore - Daily Techno Review
Network Storage Drives

Any of your devices may access the data kept on a Network Attached Server (NAS), allowing you to build a centralized hub for all of your personal media. Many NAS devices use Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) technology to generate automated backups, and it also allows you to share printers, scanners, and cameras. The emergence of Network Storage Drives is one of the important reasons why you don’t need a laptop anymore.

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