Healthtec: Intelligent Medical Software Review

Healthtec: Intelligent Medical Software Review - Daily Techno Review

HealthTec Trilogy is a hospital-based electronic health record solution. It’s an ONC-ATCB-certified software suite that incorporates electronic health records (EHRs), practice management, and patient scheduling. quick post is a function that allows customers to process claims using automatic statement production, modifications, and secondary billing. The AutoPost function sends HIPAA-compliant ERA transactions across all of a patient’s accounts automatically. The solution comes with a graphical user interface that allows for enhanced navigation as well as access to real-world processes and workflows.

Healthtec: Intelligent Medical Software Review - Daily Techno Review

A configurable drop-down list allows users to take on-screen notes for patient scheduling. Claim scrubbing, an auto-appeal rules engine, and electronic patient statements are all available as stand-alone products. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. Mobile compatibility is also available for Android and iOS devices. Customer service is available via email and phone. Blogs and a client portal are two other choices for assistance.

Here is the list of features of Healthtec Trilogy intelligent medical software.


1. Medical Electronic Health Record

From one centralized scheduling window, you can book, track, and manage patient appointments, staff appointments, meetings, resources, operatories, and more. Create templates to keep your employees on track with what is permissible. Switch quickly between daily, weekly, and monthly schedules, as well as columns of locations, providers, and other information.

The Check-In procedure enables medical staff to trace a patient’s progress through your clinic, from the first intake to checkout. It also allows providers to know which patients are ready and waiting for them, as well as ensure that overdue balances are collected, as well as gather any essential signatures for the specific visit.  The Check-Out process helps streamline checks out including verifying balances, creating follow-up appointments as indicated by the provider, and giving any handouts or educational material requested as part of the care plan.

2. Clinical Documentation

No matter what specialty you work in, the Healthtec Trilogy IMS EHR is intended to satisfy your needs. To get started, content is given in the form of a template. IMS, on the other hand, is designed to allow you to customize clinical documentation to your own needs and working style, so the software adapts to you rather than the other way around.

Healthtec: Intelligent Medical Software Review - Daily Techno Review

Templates for taking progress notes may be adjusted on-the-fly, and encounter notes can be created with a few mouse clicks or by simply dictating. On your PC, laptop, or mobile device, create documents.

3. Televist

Televisit is completely integrated with IMS, allowing you to safely meet with patients anywhere, at any time. For some sorts of visits, it’s the ideal alternative, as it reduces no-shows and cancellations. Televisit is a real extension of your Healthtec IMS system, with features such as the Scheduler, Check-In/Check-Out, Billing, and, of course, HIPAA-compliant audio and video for both the physician and the patient. Simply send the patient a link to enroll through text or email. Whether or not the system should collect money before attaching the patient is up to you. You make the decision.

4. On Arrival Patient Self Check-In

This program is fully integrated with the EHR and works on low-cost Android tablets.

Healthtec: Intelligent Medical Software Review - Daily Techno Review

Patients might be given tablets that are mounted or delivered to them. Between usage, just wash off the tablet, and antimicrobial tablet coverings are advised.

5. InTouch Text/Email/Voice

Healthtec IMS InTouch integrates easily with the EHR. It’s a secure, automated two-way messaging system that connects you and your patients. Send messages by SMS text or email and receive answers in real-time. Send any form of a message on the go or according to a timetable you choose. There are also automated audio messages with real-time rapid answers.

6. Waiting Room

The Healthtec Trilogy IMS Waiting Room feature shows a HIPAA-compliant patient queue on your office TV screen in the lobby, as well as media and advertisements of your choice. No one likes waiting, but if it is unavoidable, make it instructive and interesting.

7. Online Appointment Booking System

This service allows new or existing patients to schedule appointments online at any time, saving time for staff. Gain a competitive advantage by reducing the amount of time your employees spend on the phone. Increase your practice’s profitability by improving customer service and patient retention.

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