Continuouscare – Patient Management Software Review

Continuouscare - Patient Management Software Review - Daily Techno Review

What Is ContinuousCare?

ContinuousCare is a cloud-based white-label platform designed to help small to midsize healthcare organizations create a personalized solution for delivering telemedicine services. It includes text consultations, practice management, native mobile apps for iOS and Android, a patient portal, custom website domains, remote monitoring tools, and more.

Patients can have online consultations via text and telemedicine sessions, as well as home consultations that you can set up for them. Organize your practice and keep track of your spending using tools that are simple to use. Give your patients the individualized treatment they need to enhance their health using telemedicine and remote monitoring plans.

For both core medical and allied health services, solutions are tailored to SMEs, clinics, hospitals, and solo practices. An easy-to-use web tool that can be accessed via mobile apps for both providers and patients. You may tailor the Virtual Practice® platform to your specific business needs in order to get the most out of it and provide more value to your patients. For simple access and total security, Virtual Practice® data is housed in the HIPAA-compliant Amazon Web Services cloud. In every health organization, it only takes a few minutes to set up, implement, and start utilizing.

Through its Virtual Practice online and mobile application, ContinuousCare allows companies to interact with patients and manage their practices. Health records management, remote monitoring, video consultation, a client database, e-prescriptions, and appointment tracking are just a few of the services available on the platform. Online payments and bills, income reports, and audits may all be received and managed by users. It also allows you to send email or SMS reminders to consumers and employees.

Continuouscare - Patient Management Software Review - Daily Techno Review
chronic care management

ContinuousCare provides chronic care management, allowing businesses to provide tailored healthcare programs. It allows users to form monitoring teams in order to follow patient health data and provide services in accordance with their treatment plans. An interactive dashboard is included with the solution, which gives an overview of therapies, prognosis, and health tracker readings. Patients can also communicate with the monitoring team via real-time feedback.

ContinuousCare pricing starts at $7.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. ContinuousCare offers a free trial

Here we’ll discuss the features of ContinuousCare- patient management software.


1. Personal Health Record Management

The finest part about this software is that it allows you to conveniently access patients’ personal health information.

Continuouscare - Patient Management Software Review - Daily Techno Review
Personal Health Record Management

And that it assists you in properly diagnosing and treating patients by making health trackers available to you at the correct moment.

2. Medical Billing

Its online billing tool assists you in creating invoices for video consultations on your virtual practice so that you can keep track of telemedicine earnings.

3. Easy Health Assessments

Help patients manage their medical conditions by using dashboard views to see how they’re progressing on their treatment programs over time.

4. Device Integration

Your patients can use BlueTooth to exchange health data from their home monitoring equipment. iHealth BG5, Google Fit, iOS Health, and connected applications are among the supported devices.

5. Integrates With Home Health Devices

Patients can exchange information from health monitoring devices such as the iHealth Smart Glucometer and other Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. The ContinuouCare patient app may also transmit data from GoogleFit and Apple’s Health app.

6. Chronic Care Plans

For your patients, a diagnosis of a chronic illness might involve a lot of adjustments and sacrifices. You can make it easy for your patients to manage their health at all times with chronic care programs.

7. Video Consultation

It also includes video consultations, which allow you to connect with patients from your PC or mobile phone, just as you would at your clinic.

Continuouscare - Patient Management Software Review - Daily Techno Review
Video Consultation

It facilitates your direct connections with your patients.

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