7 Trendy Features Of Fitbit Fitness Tracker

7 Trendy Features Of Fitbit Fitness Tracker - Daily Techno Review

Fitbit fitness trackers are a popular tool to keep track of steps, exercises, and sleep habits. But these devices and their apps are more than meets the eye. The features of the Fitbit fitness tracker are jam-packed that will aid you in your fitness goals. Since 2009, when it debuted its first model, the Fitbit Flex, Fitbit has been pushing and inspiring people all over the world to become active. Fast forward to today, and Fitbit now has a user base of over 29 million people. But how many of them are getting the most bang for their buck with the equipment they paid for?

Your physical Fitbit wearable and its accompanying app have a wealth of fitness features that you can utilize to improve your sleep, practice healthy eating habits, make time for meditation, and much more.

Here are 7 trendy features of the Fitbit fitness tracker;

1. Fitbit Coach Streaming Workouts

Fitbit Coach is a streaming video platform with an ever-expanding library of exercise videos for people of all fitness levels and interests. Fitbit Coach differs from other training apps in that it provides a variety of brief workouts. These workouts are combined into playlists that are tailored to your fitness and energy levels. Fitbit Coach is linked to the same Fitbit account as the other Fitbit applications, and data is shared between them.

2. The Fitbit Challenge on Mobile

Features of the Fitbit fitness tracker gamify your fitness and allow you to compete with friends in daily or weekly leaderboards, bringing the Fitbit experience to a whole new level.

7 Trendy Features Of Fitbit Fitness Tracker - Daily Techno Review
The Fitbit Challenge on Mobile

Users may compete to see who can walk the most steps or complete their daily goal first. For the length of the challenge, all participants can remark on a leaderboard that tracks their progress.

3. App Compatibility

Because your Fitbit works best when you wear it both day and night, it makes sense to customize it with some additional applications. These are compatible with Fitbit smartwatches (the Ionic, Sense, and Versa lines), but not fitness trackers like the Inspire and Charge series. To get some new applications, enter the Account menu by tapping your profile symbol (in the top left of the program), then scroll all the way down and choose ‘Third-party apps.’ Tap ‘Compatible applications’ after selecting ‘Smartwatch apps and clock faces.’

The selection isn’t large, and it definitely doesn’t compare to the number of applications available for an Apple Watch or Google Wear OS device, but you’ll find a useful set of utilities, such as fitness monitoring apps, games, and personal reminders. Owners of the Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense have the most options, but there are lots of possibilities even if you have an earlier smartwatch. Tap ‘Open app’, then ‘Install’ to download an app to your watch once you’ve found the one you like.

4. New Workout Routines

You don’t need to pay for a program like Apple Fitness Plus or Peloton to access professionally-led exercise videos on your phone; the Fitbit app has a large selection, many of which are free. Scroll down to ‘Workouts’ and hit ‘See all under the ‘Discover’ heading are amazing features of the Fitbit fitness tracker.

7 Trendy Features Of Fitbit Fitness Tracker - Daily Techno Review
New Workout Routines

Along the top, you’ll notice tabs for several training categories, such as whole body, lower body, cardio, and abs and core. Anything without a ‘Premium’ badge is free to try, and you’ll be able to see the length of the workout before you start so you can pick something that fits into your schedule. All of the teachers are kind and explain each exercise thoroughly while performing it so that you may perfect your form. The audio will continue to play in the background even if your phone’s screen goes to sleep.

5. Social Platform

Fitbit has always included social elements like friends lists and leaderboards. Still, its social feed, which can be found under the Community tab, is a newer feature that veteran users may be unfamiliar with. You may use this feed to share Fitbit activities such as steps taken or badges unlocked, just like you would on Facebook or Twitter. For instant connection, friends may remark on one other’s postings and encourage them (similar to liking on Facebook). For all these features of Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches, everyone must have a fitness tracker.

6. Music Control

Features of Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches allow you to load up on music and control music that’s playing on your associated smartphone. Fitbit, thankfully, allows you to use your music functions while exercising.

7 Trendy Features Of Fitbit Fitness Tracker - Daily Techno Review
Music Control

Simply double-touch the built-in button on the casing to launch your Shortcuts, where you’ll discover music controls while tracking in workout mode.

7. Windows 10 Compatibility

The Fitbit app supports the Windows 10 Live Tile capability if you have a Windows 10 device or a Windows Phone running Windows 10 Mobile. This Live Tile shows real-time statistics from the Fitbit app without having to launch the app. To pin the Fitbit app, go to the Start Menu’s installed app list, right-click it, and choose Pin to Start. Compatibility with Windows 10 is an amazing Feature of the Fitbit fitness tracker. The pinned app may then be moved to any location on your device’s Start Menu. By right-clicking the tile and selecting one of the four Resize choices, you may resize it.

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