6 Major Upgrades in Windows 11

Top 6 Major Upgrades in Windows 11 - Daily Techno Review

From redesigning the interface to optimizing the usability, Microsoft has given a lot of thought to how its new OS could become more convenient, easier to access, and more ergonomic. In a word: more productive.

Here are the main upgrades in Windows 11 that help you be more efficient.

With Windows 10, Microsoft had already delivered a solid and user-friendly operating system. But the American giant has not rested on its laurels, it has deeply revised its formula with Windows 11. A strategy that allows it to start a new era for Windows without delivering a simple copy of the previous generation. Redesign of the interface,

improvements in ergonomics and integrated applications, the metamorphosis of the Microsoft Store, the arrival of new tools, etc. The changes are numerous (Microsoft lists

by the way, full of tips on how to use them well). So, we explain upgrades in Windows 11 have become more pleasant to work with.

Top 6 Major Upgrades in Windows 11 - Daily Techno Review

1. Simplified Use

As always, Windows has put ergonomics at the center of its operating system. The taskbar, long confined to the lower left corner of the screen, is now positioned in the center of the screen. A change that allows you to have your pinned software and your windows in use more quickly under your eyes. A new place that also concerns the “Start” menu, again to have all the necessary tools

directly in front of your eyes. Of course, the old-timers can always reposition the bar to the left to keep their habits.

The Start menu in the center allows you to have a direct look at the program.

Similarly, the notifications panel on the right is reorganized to be clearer, with each pane well separated from the others. The management of sound, connectivity, or brightness now takes the form of quick actions, similar to what we can find on smartphones. Even better, the “right-click” menu on a file, which used to be about 20 lines long, has been shortened and lightened. Some functions, such as copy and paste, delete, or cut now appear as quick actions. A choice that saves a lot of time when you have several items to copy or delete.

The dynamic tiles specific to Windows 8 or 10 disappear in favor of widgets, again in line with what smartphones already offer. This allows you to access important information in one click (especially since the menu is accessible from the taskbar), such as the weather, your notes, or your calendar. A new layout that takes into account the touch screens of the latest generation of laptops to better adapt to them.

Widgets allow you to have important information in front of you without opening applications XP for Frandroid Moreover, multitasking becomes more efficient since you can now rename the different desktops and customize them to make them easier to distinguish. Above all, Microsoft offers an improved version of the “snap” that allows you to attach a window to the edge of the screen. You can therefore easily make your Word text appear on the left side of the screen, your calendar on the bottom right corner, and your e-mails on the top right corner, for example.

With the democratization of telecommuting, video conferencing has multiplied. It is therefore logical that Microsoft has integrated Microsoft Teams directly, not only in Windows 11 but also in the taskbar. No more need to run through the menus to join a meeting urgently.

As a result, upgrades in Windows 11 have become more user-friendly.

2. I Like It When The Interface Is Beautiful

“It’s not necessarily a problem if it’s missing one or two anecdotal functions, but the interface has to be pleasing to the eye. That’s one of the answers you get when you ask what makes a good operating system for work. And Microsoft understands this.

The Redmond giant has thus revised a large part of the aesthetics of Windows 8 and 10 since the upgrades in Windows 11 are based on the new Fluent Design graphic chart. The edges of the windows are more rounded, the animations much more fluid and, above all, Windows 11 integrates a new battery of sounds much softer. Gone are the days when you accidentally unplug a USB device, such as a controller, during a game session.

Historical applications such as Paint, Notepad, Photos, or even the file explorer benefit from a welcome new design. They are more pleasant to use and blend well with the rest of the system.

As a result, upgrades in Windows 11 have become more enjoyable.

3. The Opening Of The Microsoft Store

The upgrade in Windows 11 is an opportunity for Microsoft to review its ambitions for the Microsoft Store. From now on, any developer can offer the software they want on the Microsoft Store. This news has not fallen on deaf ears, as several developers have started to deploy their software such as WinZip or OBS Studio.

So you won’t have to run after the executable files of the software anymore, everything is now in the same place. Especially since the American giant has corrected the writing of the application store to allow you to download and install all applications without any bugs or performance problems. No more long hours wasted on the Web looking for a patch or a solution to a performance problem.

A true revolution, this new version of the Microsoft Store will soon welcome Android applications (via the Amazon AppStore). You can for example enjoy

the Instagram app, which has a much more advanced and enjoyable user experience on the mobile version than desktop, directly on your computer.

This future integration also shows Microsoft’s desire to deliver the best possible OS for devices with a touch screen, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 8.

The improved ergonomics make it easier to use the stylus (especially via quick actions). Microsoft has also improved the Windows Ink menu, which handles interactions with the stylus, in order to offer better precision when taking notes or drawing.

So, upgrades in Windows 11 have become more user-friendly.

4. How To Install Windows 11?

The upgrades in Windows 11 are free, for current Windows 10 users. Microsoft offers to upgrade to the new version of Windows at no extra cost. Provided that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements.

Upgrades in Windows 11 are available for download as an update from Windows 10, or through a tool that allows you to download the ISO of the system. We explain to you how to install it serenely in this article.

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