Top 10 Upcoming Trends in HealthTech Industry

Top 10 Upcoming Trends in HealthTech Industry- Daily Techno Review

These are exciting times. Technology is affecting every aspect of our lives. And there are probably no more important and profound innovations than those related to medical care. As it relies on technology to gain better access to information, achieve better outcomes with its patients, and illuminate its gray areas, the trends in healthTech industry, more than anyone else, must confront the serious issues of security and privacy.

Top 10 Upcoming Trends in HealthTech Industry- Daily Techno Review

In the latest edition of HP Matter, we brought together the most prominent minds in the healthTech services industry to get their take on the technology trends that are reshaping their industry.

Here are the top 10 trends in HealthTech Industry.

1. Smartphones, apps, and devices that anyone can carry are empowering patients, doctors, and caregivers.

In a world that now thinks a lot about trends in healthTech industry, it seems to me that It’s hard not to have heard of the ubiquitous Fitbit or other tools for monitoring physical activity, sleep cycles, blood pressure, and calorie consumption. But these tools are just the beginning.

Top 10 Upcoming Trends in HealthTech Industry- Daily Techno Review

The sophistication of apps and nanotechnology will not only empower patients by giving them the means to track their health, but it will also deliver a treasure trove of actionable data to the medical community. The next step will be to integrate all this data into our health services system to better anticipate and prevent health risks.

2. Big Data will detect repeating phenomena, problems, and trends in healthTech industry.

Harnessing health information allows doctors and researchers to better collaborate, better understand diseases, and more effectively allocate their resources to provide the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

Top 10 Upcoming Trends in HealthTech Industry- Daily Techno Review

This can be used to identify diseases and the beginnings of epidemics, and thus reduce – or eliminate – the chances of a pandemic. But gleaning all this information is not enough. To be truly useful, it must be easily accessible, which brings us to the cloud.

3. Cloud Computing will unlock the hidden knowledge in health data.

Cloud technology will make an incredible amount of this health data accessible to researchers, facilitating innovation and rapid responses to alarming signals. For doctors and patients, the transition from medical records from paper to digital to the cloud will improve the day-to-day convenience of the medical community – simplifying billing, giving each patient better access to their information, and giving doctors a comprehensive view of their patient’s medical history.

4. Security risks must be taken seriously.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 44 percent of recorded data breaches in 2013 were committed against medical companies. Cybercriminals can target company trends in healthtech industry – just as they can target stores – and steal the identities, banking details, and even medical data of various patients. With all the private information in the cloud, we need the will and technology to properly protect it.

5. Computing Power and Energy efficiency will be key players in the back end of the healthtech industry.

By 2020, 30 billion connected devices will generate an amount of the world’s data centers and will consume up to 30% of the world’s electricity to support them. The current model is simply not sustainable. For the first time since the 1940s, HP is imagining the fundamental computer architecture that will power tomorrow’s world through a groundbreaking research project called The Machine.

Top 10 Upcoming Trends in HealthTech Industry- Daily Techno Review

Artificial limbs are a more tangible example of the extent of the power of computing in health care. Össur, an Icelandic company, has created the first joint microprocessor system that constantly adapts to its user and environment.

6. 3D Printers will launch a new wave of growth and innovative trends in healthTech Industry.

As 3D printing technology advances, its role in the medical field is becoming increasingly clear. It will revolutionize the production of medical devices and surgical tools-customized prosthetic limbs, highly accurate drug delivery, reproductions of fluid circuits-the possibilities are endless. And I think HP’s entry into the 3D printing world will start a new movement within many industries.

7. Telemedicine will bring health services to our homes and beyond.

Teleheath, which allows patients to reach doctors via video chat at using a mobile device, is gaining popularity as a cost-effective way to receive care. This innovation will completely change our perception of traditional doctor visits. AsTelehealth expands, doctor-patient interactions will become more frequent and will extend not only to our homes but also to remote locations around the world.

8. The level of global health will improve with the arrival of new technologies in developing countries.

These emerging technologies are absolutely essential for developing countries. The development where medical care is typically provided by poorly trained volunteers.

Top 10 Upcoming Trends in HealthTech Industry- Daily Techno Review

In some rural areas of India, HP is helping to provide much better medical care by turning containers into mini eHealth centers with cloud access. The goal is to use these technological developments to bring care to virtually everyone, no matter where they are.

9. Technology will allow us to better understand the brain.

Technology is not only saving our lives, but it is also saving our lives. Also allows for the discovery of frontiers that would have seemed unimaginable before. In 2012, two MIT researchers, Xu Liu and Steve Ramirez found a way to implant memories into a brain, which could have huge implications in the mental health field. And a company called Emotiv has found a way to translate thoughts into actions through a neurological headset. These discoveries and cutting-edge tools will allow us to better access the brain’s information, without intrusive procedures, and thus open up a new understanding of the human being.

10. Innovations will create business opportunities.

It’s time to have ideas to match these technological developments and trends in healthTech industry. In some cases, existing laws will need to change so as not to block developing innovations. But the possibilities represent enormous business opportunities. Those who can use technology to unlock solutions and provide better, low-cost care to more people will thrive in this new world.

Top 10 Upcoming Trends in HealthTech Industry- Daily Techno Review

At HP, we’re using our 75 years of technology excellence to lead the healthtech industry forward. You can learn more about the top trends in healthtech industry and technology in our latest edition of HP Matter.

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